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Silver Trading

The business of trading in Silver and precious metals now within the reach of private individuals via the easy-forex trading platform. Like currency trading, you can use leverage to enter into deals.

The trading abbreviation for silver is XAG. Silver quantities are expressed in ounces and are traded against the United States dollar (USD) only.

Price of silver

Spot silver is the price for immediate (cash) settlement. Like currency trading, spot silver is an “over the counter” (OTC) market and ‘cash’ settled, meaning there is no physical receipt of the underlying physical product.

You can get the value for silver, or the price for silver anytime by visiting the easy-forex silver charts. Since 2005 the price of silver has risen fairly steeply, and in April 2011, the silver price reached a 31-year high. This was due mainly to economic uncertainty in the Eurozone. As silver is industrially in short supply, the general uptrend in the price of silver is likely to continue. This makes spot silver an excellent buy.

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easy-forex UK provide a wide range of Free Forex & Silver Trading Training courses, whether you are a beginner or professional our Brokers and Analysts will work with you learn the key Silver trading techniques and strategies. Silver Trading just got easier thanks to easy-forex.

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