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Forex eBook

As a trader on the easy-forex trading platform you have exclusive online access to our forex eBook. We believe strongly that currency and commodity traders should learn as much as possible before starting to trade currencies. In fact, FX education and information should be ongoing for any successful forex trader.The forex eBook complements other easy-forex online forex education tools such as the educational forex videos which you can find on our forex learn centre once you register.

New to forex trading?

We suggest you read the entire forex trading eBook starting with Chapter 1 (What is forex?). This gives an overview of online currency trading, and how to get started as a forex trader. Although the chapters are set out in a logical flow, you can read them any order that best suits your forex learning level. Chapters 2 to 4 also cover some basics such as:

  • What is foreign exchange trading?
  • What is a forex deal
  • What is the global forex market?
Forex trading at eye level

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If you are unclear about a certain forex term, go to Chapter 11 for a glossary of forex and currency definitions that will help in your FX education.

Already started forex trading?

Develop your forex trading strategy by reading chapter 6 and chapter 7 on technical and fundamental analysis, as well as day trading on the easy-forex trading platform in Chapter 8.

Whatever your FX trading level, Chapter 9 contains useful tips and strategies for forex training. And Chapter 7 gives you a comprehensive overview of the various economic indicators so vital for forex traders to monitor.

FX training support

Don‘t forget that you can contact Support at easy-forex at any stage if something does not make sense to you. A personal account manager will explain and guide you through an online forex trading demo if you wish.

Happy learning and here‘s to successful trading!